Ana Clements

Operations Administrator

Ana works as an Operations Administrator. She answers the phone, manage and sort mail for both the company and our Virtual Alliance clients. She greets and direct visitors who come into the office. She enjoys writing blog posts for the CA website. When Ana joined CA, it was different than other jobs she has had in the past. She has only worked in one other office job prior to her current job. Ana began volunteering at CA back in 2019 part time as a part time employee. She loves the atmosphere and the people she works with directly. Ana feels like she’s working with a team that knows what they want and what they are looking towards for the future of the company. Her hobbies include singing, going for walks, discovering new TV series or rewatching some older ones, playing video games, and learning more about the things that interest her. She graduated from high school in 2008 and went to NVCC for two years. Ana has taken classes at J Sarg and is hoping to continue studying there. She loves learning languages and is learning Spanish in college.



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