Tammy Bowen, CDA

Executive Coordinator

Tammy is essential to CA helping organizations in the Richmond area working in early childhood. She does this in two ways: 1. finding supports they need to allow children with disabilities to stay in their care 2. helping organizations provide access to early education and remain stable while doing this.

She was attracted to non-profit life because her role allows the freedom to help others in ways that she couldn’t when working at a for-profit agency. She says, “CA looks for solutions and is willing to take risks in innovative ways to implement that solution and that’s why we’re special.” The best part of her job is having happy clients, that know we’ve helped them be successful to grow and stay sustainable for years to come.

In her spare time, she loves to read just about anything she can get her hands on. She hasn’t even listened to the radio in years, as driving time is audiobook time! When she isn’t reading, she’s spending time in the garden and playing in the flowerbeds.

Tammy says that Richmond is amazing because each season is very different, the changes are everywhere, and each season brings back something. In the fall, there’s camping and campfires. In the winter (hopefully!) there is snow and crisp air. In the spring she can garden and tend to her flowers. The summer brings time for the pool and beach.

Past Experience

  • 12 years Early Childhood center management

Certifications & Licensures

  • Early Childhood Development AAS

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