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Independence is Empowerment

Programs for teens and adults with autism

CA’s Adult Programs support and guide autistic teens and adults on their journey to be more self-sufficient.

Preparing your teen or adult to live independently does not have to be a struggle. With coaching and support from CA’s dedicated program counselors, Neurodivergent adults gain the skills to thrive while living independently.

In each of our programs, clients learn and build upon independent living skills development through direct teaching, modeling, and shared problem-solving. We harness an individual’s natural motivation and familiar community support to build sustainable solutions. Together, with family input, the coach and client set attainable goals and meet regularly to work on life skills such as:

  • Time management
  • Cooking, meal prep and nutrition
  • Medical care management
  • Problem solving
  • Communication and self advocacy
  • Social skills and relationships
    • Household cleanliness
    • Personal finances and budgeting
    • Careers and employment
    • Transportation
    • Personal safety
    • Fitness and wellness

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    CA works with autistic people and their families to help them thrive. Every day, we’re building a future where the most vulnerable Virginians can actively participate in our community and realize their full potential.

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