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Career Readiness and Employment

We believe that people with autism and other developmental disabilities have a right to feel fulfilled by their employment.  Not only do they deserve access to jobs that match their skill sets, but they also benefit from exposure to different career options to make informed decisions about their career path.  Maintaining fulfilling employment also supports an autistic individual’s desire to live independently in an inclusive community.

To address the barriers of employment for autistic individuals, CA has developed the Career Readiness and Employment program.  This program will assist low needs autistic individuals to learn transferrable skills, practice those skills, and assistance with finding and maintaining long term employment.

Program Components


Career Readiness

Classroom curriculum focused on transferable skills such as

    • Communication
    • Teamwork
    • Integrity
    • Problem-solving
    • Work ethics
    • Initiative
    • Job seeking skills


Paid Internship

Participants will be provided with a paid internship opportunity (up to 90 days) to practice career readiness skills that will prepare them for competitive employment in the community.


Job Coaching

Participants will be provided with a job coach. This service will be provided during internship and at employment. A job coach will ….

    • Provide participants feedback and tools to improve job skills.
    • Guide participants in reaching employment goals.
    • Helps participants learn job tasks.
    • Provide participants with guidance to overcome barriers.


    • CA will help participants to identify work preferences based on interest and work strengths.
    • CA will engage with employers to identify career opportunities and facilitate employment.
    • Once a participant is employed CA will provide job coaching and support.

 Are you ready to launch into a new phase of your life with a team of professionals who are here to support you?  Click the learn more button below to complete the online application to begin.

Life Skills and Transition

    • We offer transition support programs aimed at bolstering autistic young adults as they embrace growth and change.
    • We envision a future where all individuals can pursue their ideal living situation.
    • We support independent living skills development through direct teaching, modeling, and shared problem-solving.
    • We harness both intrinsic motivation and natural community support to help individuals build sustainable solutions.

Our Life Skills and Transition program supports adults who live at home with a parent or a supportive party and adults who have already launched in to independent living. This program focuses on building life skills and encourages adults to take ownership of personal responsibilities in preparation for their transition out of the home and to maintain and troubleshoot independent living skills

Participants meet with a counselor weekly to work on skills such as:

Household cleanliness

Personal finances and budgeting

Careers and employment


Personal safety

Fitness and wellness

Time management

Cooking, meal prep and nutrition

Medical care management

Problem solving

Communication and self advocacy

Social skills and relationships


A multidisciplinary team supports our Life Skills and Transition program.

Social Supports

We encourage clients to volunteer and attend social groups and community events. We can help them identify these opportunities. CA also offers monthly opportunities for clients to socialize!

Location & Accommodations

CA counselors and team members meet with clients both in-person and virtually. We are able to support individuals across the Commonwealth through telehealth services.

Eligibility & Enrollment

To be eligible, adolescents and adults must be:

  • Age 16 + with autism
  • Motivated to live independently
  • Employed full or part time, actively seeking employment, volunteering, or enrolled in post-secondary education


CA life skills coaching support is offered on an hourly fee. Each individual’s situation is unique, so we are here to help you navigate the payment process.

There are several ways to pay for our adult programs:

is doing an excellent job identifying goals with her and helping her meet them. This is a great stepping stone to independence.

Parent of Participant

CA Shared Services

Shared Services allow organizations to share back-office services such as accounting, payroll, and human resources. The goal of Shared Service is to allow organizations to focus more on their mission or business and focus less on business functions. Doing so helps them save time, effort and money that they can redirect to employee salaries and benefits, professional training, etc. The services offer may include:





Benefits of CA Shared Services

  • Less paperwork for you and your staff means more time for planning, preparation and reflection
  • Improved cashflows, lower aging A/Rs and collections
  • Lower vacancy rates as a result of stronger enrollment management and more robust marketing
  • Reduced costs allow you to reinvest in employee raises, increased medical benefits, and retirement funds.
  • Higher rates of staff retention as a result of better benefits and more development opportunities


We customize packages and prices based on the scope of shared services you choose to use. Over time, our services dramatically lower your administrative and overhead expenses. So, ultimately, our fee will be lower than the cost of your own staff providing these same business functions.

Shared Services in Virginia

Services are open to legally operating licensed (or licensing-exempted) non-profits and for-profit organizations that share a commitment to the mission and vision of shared services.

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