Diverse group of people

Tools for Time Management

Do you struggle to remember when to do your household chores? Do you experience time-blindness when trying to manage your morning routine and be on time for work/school? When learning to manage your time/schedule in relation to your responsibilities at home or work expectations, look to these low-tech and easy tools. Set yourself up for success by trying the following:

Autism Stigmas and Me

A stigma is, by definition, “a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality or person.” As research for this blog, I asked for feedback from the autism community, both on social media and from those I know. I also spoke with people who may not be on the spectrum. I was able to compile a massive list of stigmas surrounding autism and other mental health factors. In compiling these lists, we also discussed how we may be able to change that view and help people better understand one another. .