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Autism Acceptance Month

Autism Acceptance Month is in April. This month was created to celebrate autistic individuals and spread helpful information to the neurotypical community. At Commonwealth Autism, we aim to unlock opportunities to support autistic individuals to achieve their potential. 

Coaches Cook-Off 2024


The Coaches’ Cook-off and Raffle is an annual fundraiser bringing together University basketball coaches from the Commonwealth participating in the ultimate RVA Cooking Championship. Each coach is paired with an RVA local chef to help switch up their culinary game. Cheer your favorite coach as they prepare delicious entrees and battle for the honor of Basketball’s TOP CHEF

The fun doesn’t stop here – WIN $5,000! Every purchased ticket receives an entry in the raffle with a chance to win great prizes, but the Grand Prize is $5,000!


Event proceeds benefit Commonwealth Autism’s Career Readiness and Employment program for autistic individuals. Unemployment and underemployment are as high as 85% with half of all 25-year-old individuals with autism having never held a paying job.



Rounding up at Kroger could help us continue our programs such as Career Readiness and Employment.

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CA works with autistic people and their families to help them thrive. Every day, we’re building a future where the most vulnerable Virginians can actively participate in our community and realize their full potential.

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