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College Living Experience Program

College Living Experience: Post-Secondary Supports for Young Adults on the Autism Spectrum

What is the difference between college capable and college ready? For families of young adults on the Autism Spectrum, it often boils down to executive function skills, independent living skills and social skills. In order to be successful in college, students need to prioritize and manage their assignments, maintain their living space, and interact appropriately with professors and peers – all without the level of support they received in high school.

College Living Experience (CLE) provides this support to young adults 18-26 who are interested in living independently, taking college classes, or pursuing a career. There are 7 centers nationwide, with one in nearby Rockville, Maryland.

How Does it Work?

Students live in apartments with support from CLE staff. There is an on-site Resident Advisor, and sessions in the apartment to help master skills such as weekly chores, meal planning and cooking, and managing a budget to pay bills. Students can take classes at a nearby college and receive daily academic and executive function support from tutors at the CLE Center. They can also choose a career path, where they receive support in pre-employment skills, help with a job search, and job coaching once employed. CLE has an active social component with group outings several times per week, weekly small group sessions and 1:1 social coaching.

How Can I Get More Information?

CLE Rockville has scheduled Admissions Week events for the week of February 21, 2022. To learn more, please call our National Admissions Line at 800-486-5058, or visit our website at www.experiencecle.com.

CA Adult Programs and CLE support neurodiverse youth and adults in Virginia and across the country to reach their full potential as they transition into adulthood and embrace autonomy.

CLE focuses on college level supports with life skills coaching while CA Adult Programs focuses on supporting youth and adults throughout their transition from living with their supportive party to living in an apartment or home of their own.

CA and CLE support each other’s mission by referring clients who are a good fit for the program.

CA is here if you need assistance with information or resources for supporting yourself or loved one with autism. Simply call our toll-free number 800-649-8481, send us an email, or search our resources for autism related services throughout Virginia.

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