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Community Collaboration Boosts Community Impact

At CA we believe that our community is best served when disability service providers come together in collaboration to address services gaps and needs for community members. We devote time and resources to this collaborative effort through daily outreach to community partners, virtual information sessions, a resource database, our annual conference, providing training opportunities, and co-hosting community events.

Interdependence over Independence:
CA Adult Programs provides coaching services and resources to help adult clients achieve their goals relating to independent living. However, we try not to get too hung up on the term “independence” because what we are actually trying to instill in our adults is the concept of “interdependence.” Interdependence is synonymous with collaboration. Effectively practicing interdependence means the clients in our community (adults on the autism spectrum) are living more autonomously. At the same time, they are harnessing the relationships and resources in their community to live happy, healthy, and enriched lives. Our adult clients live independently while remaining connected to family, friends, CA Adult Program coaches, doctors, therapists, job coaches, mentors, and teachers. Clients are able to call on their network of resources as needed. It’s a collaborative effort and this collaboration ensures long-term success!

Similarly, CA Adult Programs leans on community partnerships to provide wrap-around comprehensive supports for our adult clients. We recognize that our independent living and transition coaching services are just one leg of the chair that supports a healthy, safe, and enriched adult life. We encourage “interdependence” amongst community partners as the outcome is win-win for all involved, and most importantly a win for the client.

Call for Community Collaboration:
We challenge service providers across the commonwealth to make new connections and maintain current relationships with organizations in your communities. Create a network of fellow service providers to count on as resources, referrals, and more. All effort is to the benefit of your mission and clients!

Just as CA adults are more successful when practicing “interdependence,” organizations can be more impactful when working together to support clients. Collaboration boosts impact!

Join us on February 15th for our Virtual Partnership Meet and Greet and information session.

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