Your gift will help Virginia families navigate their autism journey.

Commonwealth Autism requires donations in order to provide the best possible care and support services for Virginians with autism through statewide programs that support transitioning youth and adults to independent living, creating inclusive classrooms in preschools, and providing resource navigation via an easily accessible data base and a team of resource navigators.

As of December 29, we have raised $4,200 towards our $50,000 goal

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Finding out your family member has autism can be overwhelming. Finding the resources, they need to be successful should not be. Information about autism programs and benefits is complex and overwhelming for families to navigate. CA works with families to navigate the complex life journey of finding the right resources at the right time.

Our Organization

Commonwealth Autism started as a visionary group of parents of children with autism who recognized significant service gaps in Virginia. Over the past 25 years we have worked to innovate, operate and model services that support diversity, equity and community inclusion for autistic Virginians.

Other Ways to Support CA

Fundraising Goals

Our Nov 1 – Dec 31 goal is to raise $50,000 to support our objectives:

  1. Online and live support to help individuals, parents, and families navigate the autism journey
  2. Adult life skill programs to help autistics transition to independent living
  3. Facilitate day care providers to implement inclusive classrooms where autistic children learn alongside their neurotypical classmates

An acknowledgement of recent achievements

We have implemented a resource navigator specialist who connects with families directly either through phone, email or live chat sessions on our web site. We continue to update our database and are working to collaborate with other autism organizations for sharing database resources. Our adult programs have been providing adult life skills training and support for those who are either transitioning to independent living or who are already living on their own who just need community supports to maintain their lifestyle. We are currently working with four preschool programs that are providing inclusive classrooms for autistic children to work alongside their neurotypical classmates. These programs have been invaluable for all preschoolers, a better working environment for the teachers and another funding stream for long term growth and sustainability for preschools.

Our vision going forward

Seeking to expand our resource database and integrate with others in order to create the most optimal, user-friendly, one-stop source for Virginians with autism seeking help and guidance. This will include a two-part system, a technology solution that provides an updated interface inclusive of artificial inelegance guiding the autism community to the best and most appropriate resources. Secondly a point of contact that will assess each individuals’ unique needs and match them to the community resources that will reduce barriers as they navigate their autism journey