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5th National Safety & Security Conference & Workshop

November 17, 2021 - November 19, 2021


The 5th NSSSC conference will highlight the causes and solutions that will keep our schools safe.


It is the fifth national event to invite leaders representing every sector of society to model a community process to help stamp out all forms of school violence, including shootings, bullying, dating violence, vandalism, gang activity, and catastrophic events such as school massacres.


In addition, special workshops will examine the latest community resources to fight teenage suicide, alcohol and drug abuse, and aggressive driving among high school and college students. The all-day workshop will also include an important hands-on feature– real world simulations of community response to school shootings and related tragedies. Role-playing topics include prevent and prepare, protect and mitigate, and respond and recover.


Compelling case studies will be presented over the 3 days of the conference and workshop, offering new important findings on headline-grabbing incidents of school violence, their cost to society, and how they have impacted local prevention, preparedness, response and recovery processes.


The tabletop exercises, skillfully moderated by risk communicators, will encourage extended audience participation and explore effective methods of communication, coordination, and collaboration at the local level.


Roundtable discussions are designed to offer an exchange of ideas in small, informal settings to examine issues related to student safety and security. With over 34 roundtable topics, attendees will have the opportunity to interact with experts on a wide variety of causes and solutions.




  • We present a clear, easy-to-remember overview of prevention, preparedness, response and recovery.
  • Enough listening. The rest is hands-on experience.
  • We send you home with online “action tools” to help you communicate, coordinate, and collaborate.

Speakers will help attendees develop effective action plans that are unique to their own communities and engage the widest range of local stakeholders to make our high schools and college campuses safe and secure — the way learning environments really should be.


Please visit www.insssc.com. Register now by calling 703-466-0011 or email [email protected]. We look forward to seeing you and sharing your views at this important event.