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Online dating and friendships for autism

Written by: Briana Judd, MS, BCBA, LBA


Hi friends! Have you heard about Uneepi yet? Uneepi is an exciting new website for Online dating and friendships for autism and other developmental disabilities such as Asperger’s.


What does Uneepi offer in the way of online dating and friendships for autism?

  • Options to date.
  • Options to build friendships.
  • Private coaching to help build relationship skills.
  • A Blog with dating and relationship tips.
  • A Podcast called, “Loving With Autism” that discusses relationships.
  • Community forums to express yourself and to see what others are concerned about.


There are a couple of other sites we’ve found for online dating and friendships for autism as well. Hiki, which has been around since 2019 and Aspie Singles which launched in 2016. Both seem to have a growing number of users. Some of the things that stuck out for us about Uneepi were the community forums, the podcast, and the private coaching. CA Human Services finds value in community support and personal coaching, which is why we found the community supports to be wonderful features for dating and building friendships. CA Human Services is a Virginia based non-profit organization that works with people with autism and other Developmental Disabilities and their families to help them thrive. You can find out more about our Adult programs here: Adult Programs or https://www.commonwealthautism.org/for-individuals-families/#adult


Here are several links to check out Uneepi:


Remember to stay safe! Always meet people you do not know in public places. If you are planning on meeting someone you do not know, one fun idea to keep everyone safe and to ease into building a relationship is to ask a friend or sibling to go with you. You can also ask the person you are planning on meeting to bring one of their friends or siblings. If you decide to bring a friend or go alone, always tell someone you trust that you are planning on meeting someone you do not know. Include the location, date, and time that you plan on meeting the person.


Happy dating!


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