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What I’ve Gained by Working at Commonwealth Autism

What I’ve Gained by Working at Commonwealth Autism

Working at a small company is amazing. There are benefits that go beyond what anyone could imagine. To be around people who wish to better their community daily is something to be proud to be a part of. There are many services that are missing from the autism community around the state of Virginia yet that is something Commonwealth Autism is hoping to cover. Their goal may be big, but their courage is mighty.

When I started my internship about three years ago, the goal was for it to be short-term for me to gain experience. I was allowed to scan documents and organize things as they were placed in the attic of the building. I helped move items like board games, toys and even puzzles into the attic after assessing how many pieces each game had remaining. Over time, I gained speed and efficiency that helped me move through the process much quicker than before. During this time, I learned how to answer the phones and take messages, which was difficult, but with some practice in navigating them, I eventually caught on.

As time progressed, the company decided to keep me on for a bit longer than an intern. I was promoted to a temporary position. It was great as I was continuing to expand my knowledge and answer the phones more often. It was a small hurdle to overcome as more calls were coming in. Knowing how to filter calls to the right person was a bit of a challenge at the start. I also assisted with tasks around the office where I was able to. I found that IT was not something I wanted to work in but would gladly help where I could. When they would ask me what I would prefer to assist them with, I always said that I would rather be helpful to everyone as that would make their workloads a bit easier for the day.

Now, I am a part time employee at the great company of Commonwealth Autism. The company makes their community a priority and makes sure to follow through with that as well. When people from our company say that they felt like a family, I know that’s what we aim for. We are all heading for the same goal and doing our part to make sure our destination is clear and steady. Finding the path for autism is not a one size fits all but if we can do our part to make the community feel a bit better, then we will continue to do so.

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