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Dominion Care provides a full range of autism services in Richmond, Roanoke, and Tidewater. Our autism services provide individualized care through targeted applied behavior analysis with a focus on three main areas of growth – communication, social skills and challenging or interfering behaviors. Each individual and family’s voice is essential to ensure that individuals develop new skills and self-regulation strategies that work best for them. We know that parents and guardians are essential members of our team, and we partner with families for treatment planning, and to provide ongoing training and support. Collaboration between other service providers to ensure continuity of care across home, school, and other therapies, is welcome and encouraged!


Private Day School

The focus of our private day school at Dominion Care Academy is to provide academic, emotional, and behavioral support for students experiencing challenges in the public school setting. This includes offering a full range of private day school services for students from ages five to twenty-two. Our staff completes IEP (individualized education plan) services, developing a clear plan for school staff to use to help your child reach his or her behavior goals.

Dominion Care offers private day school services in Richmond and Norfolk. We accept students from Virginia Beach, Norfolk and the greater Tidewater area, and students from Chesterfield, Henrico and the greater Richmond area. Our staff uses positive reinforcement to help children learn behaviors that allow them to return to their home school setting.

Our goal at Dominion Care Academy is to help special education students return to public school as soon as they are ready in a healthy and positive manner. They’re encouraged/empowered/allowed to succeed and grow via behavioral support in a structured educational setting. Dominion Care Academy is a private day school licensed by the Virginia Department of Education and accredited by the Virginia Association of Independent Special Education Facilities for students ages 5 – 22.

The children we serve receive continuous supervision and personalized academic, physical, emotional, and behavioral support in coordination with their Individualized Education Plan (IEP) throughout the school day. Our teachers, teacher assistants, and behavioral and clinical staff immediately strive to form bonds with each individual student so that every educational experience is backed up by a positive relationship.

Families can be assured their children will receive the individualized attention they need. The maximum student enrollment is 10 students per class. Each classroom is staffed by a full time teacher and full time teacher assistant, many of whom are also trained behaviorists, to focus on social, educational and emotional growth. The overall staff to student ratio is 1:3.

At Dominion Care Academy, we celebrate student achievement by using positive reinforcement to learn coping skills, social skills and academic success. We believe that students will modify their own behavior when the focus of teachers and staff is on what the student does correctly, instead of on what the student does not do well. By avoiding negative punishments or seclusion tactics, we keep the focus on each student’s wins so they can understand and evaluate their own emotional well being.

The ultimate goal for all students at Dominion Care Academy is to learn the skills and develop the tools necessary for a successful return to the least restrictive classroom environment, often to their local public school and in less than 12 months. This is accomplished through a collaborative effort among staff, school representatives, parents and guardians, and related service providers.

Dominion Care also offers 1:1 Transitional Services to support students as they move back into their least restrictive environment. Click here to learn more.


Therapy and Education Center

Students at the Dominion ABA Therapy and Education Center grow and succeed through positive relationship building and uniquely designed curriculums for both preschool and school-age individuals with autism and related disorders. Our preschool program provides a play-based ABA curriculum for children ages 2-6. And our school age program focuses on long-term, academic-based, individualized ABA curriculum for children and adolescents ages 6-22.

In affiliation with Dominion Care Academy, we are licensed by the Virginia Department of Education and accredited by the Virginia Association of Independent Special Education Facilities

Each student receives individualized instruction provided in a variety of settings by behavior therapists supervised by a BCBA and a licensed special education teacher. The curriculum focuses not only on academic skills, but also intensive communication training and instruction in social, classroom, and daily living skills. Individualized parent support is provided and wrap around home support is offered for generalization of skills.

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