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Dominion Care provides a full range of autism services in Richmond, Roanoke, and Tidewater. Our autism services provide individualized care through targeted applied behavior analysis with a focus on three main areas of growth – communication, social skills and challenging or interfering behaviors. Each individual and family’s voice is essential to ensure that individuals develop new skills and self-regulation strategies that work best for them. We know that parents and guardians are essential members of our team, and we partner with families for treatment planning, and to provide ongoing training and support. Collaboration between other service providers to ensure continuity of care across home, school, and other therapies, is welcome and encouraged!

Our passionate clinicians utilize evidence-based practices in applied behavior analysis, education, and trauma-informed care as the foundation of instruction and intervention. Our team approach to service delivery incorporates care through the hands-on involvement of our Board-Certified Behavior Analysts and Assistant Behavior Analysts in all aspects of therapy. Under the supervision of BCBAs and BCaBAs, highly trained behavior therapists deliver high quality behavior analysis services and target skills that will open doors to community inclusion for your loved one.

Additionally, we offer specialized support to parents and caregivers to ensure that you are receiving the care and help you need to address behaviors and skill development outside of session times. At Dominion Care, there are no minimum weekly hours of therapy required. While there is benefit to more weekly therapy hours, our programs are designed to work for your child and/or adolescent and their support team’s lives.


Autism and Behavior Services 

In Home ABA

Dominion Care works with individuals (ages 18 months and up) and their families to provide applied behavior analysis (ABA) services in their homes or in our clinics to address communication, social skills, self-care and behavior differences. Our goal is to meet each family’s need for inclusion in their home community and work toward meaningful change.

If you are looking for In-Home Services funded by the Medicaid Waiver, please visit our ID/DD services page here.


EIBI- Early Intensive Behavior Intervention 

For young children (ages 18 months to 5 years) diagnosed with autism or a developmental delay/disability, our Early Intensive Behavior Intervention Clinics (EIBI) provides 25-35 hour a week care in a supportive, full-day setting where young learners can develop social, communication, and self-help skills. Through a preschool-style group format, young children can learn new developmental skills together, while also having opportunities for targeted 1:1 therapy with our behavior analysts and licensed special education staff throughout the day.

As with our older clients, we start first by recognizing that all behavior is communication and seek to find the message conveyed through any behavior. Once the function of behavior is determined, we work with children to target deficits in communication, social emotional skills, group skills and behaviors to better meet their needs, and provide increased access within their home, school, and community. Our EIBI clinic accepts all major insurance providers as well as Medicaid and TRICARE.


Autism Evaluations 

If you’re concerned your child may have autism spectrum disorder (ASD), an ADOS-2 assessment can help you identify their unique path to a happy and fulfilling life. ADOS-2, or Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule – Second Edition, is the gold standard for assessing ASD in individuals. Dominion Care’s highly specialized and ADOS trained clinicians provide assessments, evaluations and educational program training for children and families.

ADOS-2 is not your typical doctor’s visit. It lasts 45 minutes to an hour and is natural and play-based, in which your clinician will lead your individuals through standardized activities to observe their behavior in key indicator areas like communication, social interaction and restricted and repetitive behaviors. ADOS-2 assessments are modular, designed to match the individuals age and communication levels. Every child has a unique story and history. An ADOS-2 assessment can help guide the next steps to finding their path to happiness and fulfillment.

ADOS-2 testing is Self-Pay or FAPT funded only.

Space is limited, so please be sure to request more information so that we can serve you as soon as space becomes available.


Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Services

Our intellectual and developmental disabilities services in the Richmond, Roanoke, Fredericksburg, Alexandria and surrounding areas provide support to help children and adults reach their personal life goals. Each unique program is based on the needs of the individual seeking our services. We work with adults and children to build the skills they need to become more independent and reach their highest potential as a member of the community.

At Dominion Care, we offer group day services, coaching through our independent living services, workplace assistance, support through our center-based activity locations and in-home supports.

For information on obtaining a Medicaid waiver for yourself or a loved one, please contact your local community services board by clicking here.


Group Day Services- ages 18+

Group Day Services include a community and center-based day support program tailored for individuals with disabilities. This program empowers our individuals to achieve their desired life through person centered planning and positive behavioral support.

We create an environment that promotes health and safety, while challenging individuals to build new life skills and job skills and become active community members. Each person’s journey is different, and surrounding them with a supporting community allows them to thrive independently and as part of a larger group growing together.

Our program uses the community as the teaching tool to further enhance their quality of life. While participating in the program, individuals will enjoy activities such as:

  • swimming
  • volunteering for the community
  • out-of-town trips such as Washington, D.C. and Virginia Beach
  • monthly social events


In-Home Supports, ages 6+

In-Home Supports promote real-world independence through one-to-one skill training ranging from relationship building to money management to safety.

We strongly encourage family and agency involvement to help make and maintain a good match between the individual and their assigned counselor. Once a counselor is in place, he or she works diligently to have a seamless, impactful integration into the individual’s life day in and day out.

Key facets:

  • team work
  • socialization
  • daily living skills
  • community activities


Sponsored Residential, ages 18+

Sponsored Residential support services gear the individual toward lifelong success while living in the broader community. It’s an impactful, and uniquely designed option that’s tailored to each individual’s needs.

With highly skilled professionals providing person centered support, Sponsored Residential support allows individuals to be their own advocate and grow at their own pace.

Key facets:

  • individualized match to a unique home environment
  • Implements services as outlined in an Individual Support Plan (ISP)
  • freedom and independence
  • connection to resources to advance educational or occupational ambitions


Independent Living, ages 18+

Independent Living services is designed for individuals 18 and up who strive to attain more autonomy with in-home support.  After learning about the individual’s specific needs, our trained service coordinators and direct support professionals develop and implement a personalized plan to help them reach their goals and live the life they want to lead. Our focus is on securing a self-sustaining, independent living environment in the community for all of our independent living individuals.


Community Engagement, ages 18+

Community Engagement services help individuals 18 and up to be included within their broader community by offering opportunities to grow naturally supportive relationships with people who live, work and/or volunteer in their local area.

Community Engagement’s small 1:3 staff member to individual ratio enables access to their community with typical day-to-day activities the general population encounters regularly. This builds confidence and social skills for individuals through natural relationships with community members so they can advocate for themselves more effectively.


Community Coaching, ages 18+

Community Coaching services are a 1:1 version of our Community Engagement program. Community Coaching helps individuals 18 and up to be included within their broader community by offering opportunities to grow naturally supportive relationships with people who live, work and/or volunteer in their local area.

Through a ratio of one staff member to one individual (1:1), we offer an even more personalized structure that enables access to an individual’s community with typical day-to-day activities the general population encounters regularly. This builds confidence and social skills for individuals through natural relationships with community members so they can advocate for themselves more effectively.


Workplace Assistance, ages 18+

Workplace Assistance services are for employed individuals 18 and up who require specialized on the job assistance with non-job related needs in order to be successful and maintain their employment. We empower individuals by giving them the tools they need to become an independent, actively employed member of the community.  Any needs the individual has while working are addressed through this program, such as providing assistance with activities of daily living, managing behaviors or emotions, taking medications, and other skills.


Therapeutic Consultation, ages 6+ 

Therapeutic Consultation services assist individuals, parents, guardians, family members, and any other providers of support services with implementing the individual support plan. This service provides assessments, development of a therapeutic consultation support plan, and teaching in any of these specialty areas to assist family members, caregivers, and other providers in supporting the individual enrolled in the waiver.

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