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Sentara Therapy Center – Red Mill offers comprehensive rehabilitation with physical, occupational and speech therapies for adults & children, as well as expertise in the areas of general orthopedics, sports medicine, manual therapy, spine rehabilitation, and
post-surgical rehabilitation.

Pediatric Physical Therapy

  • Balance training
  • Walking skills for pediatrics
  • Gross motor development
  • Functional mobility training
  • Strengthening/endurance
  • Coordination/ball and play skills
  • PT for torticollis

Pediatric Occupational Therapy

  • Aquatic therapy
  • Aquatic therapy for neurological disorders
  • Attention and emotional regulation
  • Sensory Processing Difficulties
  • Fine motor/hand development
  • Adaptive equipment
  • Organizational Processing/Executive Functioning Skills
  • Visual perceptual/motor skills
  • Self-regulation skills
  • Feeding and self-care

Pediatric Speech Pathology

  • Aphasia, apraxia, dysarthria treatment
  • Articulation and phonology assessment and treatment
  • Communication and verbal skills for children
  • Augmentative communication for children
  • Phonological processing assessment and treatment
  • Social communication skills
  • Speech and language assessment and treatment for children
  • Feeding

Fax: 757-689-3370
Address: 2033 Fisher Arch
Address: Suite 120
City: Virginia Beach
State: Virginia
Postal Code: 23456
Office phone: 757-395-8485
Website URL: [add-link website=https://www.sentara.com/hospitalslocations/locations/sentara-therapy-centers/simple-locations/sentara-therapy-center-red-mill.aspx]
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